Internship in Chennai for ECE Students

Kaashiv Infotech – 7667663035 offers internship in chennai for ece students, catering specifically to the needs of students in the electrical department. Internship for ece students provides an in-depth understanding of core companies for ece and equips students with technical and programming skills. Students pursuing internship in chennai for ece students find it beneficial for building their profiles for both jobs and higher studies. Kaashiv Infotech offers both offline and online internship options for electrical engineering students, ensuring flexibility and accessibility

What is internship?

  • An internship in chennai for ece students involves practical training in electronics and communication engineering within a professional setting.
  • It provides hands-on experience in applying theoretical knowledge to real-world projects, enhancing skills and understanding.
  • An internship in chennai for ece students, at KaaShiv Infotech offers tailored internship programs for ECE students, focusing on industry-relevant technologies and project-based learning.
  • These internships offer opportunities to work on live projects, gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies, and develop essential soft skills.
  • Overall, an internship in chennai for ece Students through KaaShiv Infotech provides a valuable platform for students to bridge the gap between academia and industry, preparing them for future careers in their field.

How can ECE students in Chennai find internship opportunities in their field?

  • ECE students in Chennai can find internship opportunities in their field by exploring avenues like KaaShiv Infotech’s specialized internship programs.
  • In the internship in chennai for ece students at KaasShiv Infotech offers bustling internship prospects for ECE students, blending practical experience in a rewarding tech hub.
  • From communication systems to electronics design, interns engage in real-world projects under expert supervision, shaping students into versatile professionals.
  • With access to state-of-the-art facilities and top firms,internship in chennai  at Kaashiv Infotech acquire invaluable insights and hands-on skills, making it an ideal destination for internship in chennai for ece students.

Why choose Kaashiv Infotech for internship in chennai for ece?

  • KaaShiv Infotech offers hands-on experience with live projects, exposure to cutting-edge technologies, and mentorship from experienced professionals.
  • KaaShiv Infotech for an internship in chennai for ece students for its tailored programs focusing on industry-specific skills.
  • Their internship curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical industry requirements, preparing students for successful careers in electronics and communication engineering.
  • With KaaShiv Infotech’s internship in chennai for ece students, participants gain invaluable insights, practical skills, and a competitive edge in the job market, setting them on a path towards professional excellence and growth.

Internship in chennai for ECE-(5 Days)


  • Core Based Technologies
  • Embedded System


  • Embedded working circuit
  • MicroController Architecture


  • MatLab – Basics & Advanced
  • IOT / Semiconductor Devices


  • Live Embedded hardware programming
  • BlockChain – Ethical Hacking


  • Project Idea
  • Project Completion

How to Register for Internship?


  • Internship Certificate
  • Inplant Training Certificate  
  • Industrial exposure certificate
  • + (Experience Letter for best performers and Researchers)
  • ECE Internship – After 6 months of regular Paid Internship, Internship becomes free + For best interns Stipend will be provided + Best Interns will be offered Job too.

 Duration for internship:

  • days to 6 Months & (Based on Student Preference)
  • Training hours: hrs per day

Working Days:

  • We will be open on all days including Saturday and Sundays.
  • Training Sessions can be schedule even during college holidays such as study holidays and semester holidays.


Trainers are internationally qualified and recognized professionals worked in MNC companies such as,

  • HCL Technologies
  • TCS
  • Oracle
  • Zoho
  • Wipro
  • Cisco
  • Cognizant


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